Broadway Show: “Empire” the Musical

POV: You just arrived to the U.S. and you are ready to start crossing some things off your “must do” list. One To World is here to help! We have secured group tickets for you and up to 40 other international students and scholars from all across the New York/New Jersey area to experience a Broadway musical this fall!


Even better, the musical is about the construction of New York’s most famous building – the Empire State Building! “Told through the lens of three generations of dreamers and doers spanning New York City in the Roaring Twenties, the Great Depression, and the Bicentennial Year of 1976, this original story shines new light on one of history’s greatest feats of will and desire.” Read more about the musical here and purchase your ticket below.


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Community Visit: Farmer’s Market & Hike in Westchester, NY

Have you visited the suburbs north of NYC?


At this program, you’ll take a train from Grand Central to a small town named Chappaqua located in Westchester, NY. There’s a farmer’s market at the train station on Saturday mornings, so you’ll have a chance to see offerings from local vendors and farms from the Hudson Valley. You’ll also have a chance to explore the town before we take a trip to a nearby park for a leisurely hike.


Afterwards, we will gather at a local host’s house to hangout over games, music, and a light dinner.


Ticket does not include lunch or your train ticket. We encourage you to bring food or buy from the market or establishments in town.


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One To World Meet-Up: Outdoor Movie Night at Bryant Park

Take advantage of a New York City summer tradition of 30 years! We are heading to Bryant Park for an outdoor movie night.


Our group will be arriving early to ensure a good spot on the grass and give us some time to play games, enjoy snacks that will be provided, and get to know one another.


This year we will be viewing the movie How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days, a classic romantic comedy about a man who bets his co-workers he can make a woman fall in love with him in just 10 days, and the woman he meets is attempting to do the opposite. Join us if you’re in the mood to laugh and make new friends!


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East River Ferry Tour – Downtown Manhattan to the Bronx

Appreciate New York City from a different perspective on our immersive ferry tour led by a distinguished expert!


Join us as we take a ferry ride from Wall Street in Manhattan to Throg’s Neck in the Bronx for our first ever ferry tour! We will hear interesting facts and stories about the buildings we pass throughout the journey and will also have plenty of time for photos at sunset!


Our guide, William Singer, AIA, is a Code and Zoning Specialist for The City of New York Department of Buildings Development and Technical Affairs. He is an expert in the design and construction of large-scale public facilities. His major projects have included justice centers, transportation hubs, and cultural centers. Before joining the Department of Buildings he was a partner at Gruzen Samton, a NYC & Virginia-based architecture, planning, interior design and systems engineering firm. A Fulbright fellow (Slovenia, 1993-94), he holds a Master of Architecture degree from the School of Design at North Carolina State University, as well as a Master of Arts in English from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In 2004, Singer received a City of New York Arts Commission Excellence in Design for the renovation design of El Museo Del Barrio.
Roundtrip ferry tickets are included in your purchase.


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One To World Meet-Up: Games & Picnic in the Park

It’s officially summer! Meet us at Central Park for an outdoor picnic and to play various party games like Codenames, Telestrations, and more. This is your chance to enjoy the beautiful weather, and to get to know new people in a casual setting. Treat yourself to fun, good conversation, and refreshing snacks. Sign up today!


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Cultural Cuisine @ Farida

Are you ready to experience the taste of centuries-old recipes? This June, prepare to dive into the rich flavors of our Cultural Cuisine of Uzbek Central Asian tastes! Whether you are a food enthusiast eager to explore the exquisite nature of Eastern culture and flavors, or simply looking to make valuable connections while enjoying a warm evening in downtown New York, don’t miss this special occasion!


Join us at the perfect spot where West meets East, the authentic Uzbek restaurant Farida in downtown Manhattan. Immerse yourself in the full splendor of Uzbek hospitality with a family-style dinner, where you will experience a sense of unity and deep connection. Nigora Jabborova, a Fulbright Student from Uzbekistan, will be joining the event to share the beauties of Uzbek culture and traditions, guiding us through this extraordinary experience. The restaurant manager will also speak to our group about Farida’s journey and how they established themselves in NYC!


Our menu will include:


  • Tea
  • Traditional Uzbek Bread
  • Various light salads
  • Somsa: traditional Uzbek puff pies
  • Traditional Uzbek Plov: lamb, beef, rice, carrots & chickpeas
  • Kazakh Beshbarmak: a national dish with wide flat pasta topped with boiled tender beef, potato & onion
  • Chack-Chack: traditional Tatar sweet treats of fried dough mixed with honey, walnuts, and almonds


Don’t miss this unique opportunity to savor authentic Central Asian cuisine and the exquisite nature of Eastern culture while making new connections in the heart of New York City!


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Fulbright Volunteering with Harlem Grown on Urban Farming & Sustainability

Get ready to roll up your sleeves and take part in a meaningful service learning project with Harlem Grown, an organization that inspires people to lead healthy and ambitious lives through mentorship and hand-on education in urban farming, sustainability, and nutrition.


Our topic for our volunteer day will be "Building Communities." We will start with an introduction to Harlem Grown, urban farming and sustainability. We will also discuss our service topic and how it connects to the work that Harlem Grown is doing. We will then take a sensory tour of the farm site visiting their chicken coop, greenhouse and exploring their urban farm ecosystem. After the tour, everyone will participate in a hands-on volunteer task that is connected to "Building Communities." We will then end the visit with a call to action that scholars can take and implement into their own lives.

This is a great opportunity to learn about the commitment of local organizations in furthering the education of a more sustainable New York. We hope to see you and your family there!

Virtual Public Speaking Workshop

This Public Speaking workshop takes place on Zoom, and is designed to make speaking fun and to help you speak effortlessly. Through interactive games and activities, you’ll gain valuable practice!


Aman is a public speaking coach at Ultraspeaking. He helps clients from all walks of life combat speaking challenges in their personal and professional lives. This workshop caters to individuals who struggle to converse in English and use it as a second language. Expect to gain effective delivery, spontaneity and improved storytelling ability. In addition, you’ll learn to improve skills for presentations and networking.


“Aman is amazing! He made me feel comfortable to try new things during my pitch. He also showed how to use theory in real situations.”

-International Student from Brazil


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Community Service: Volunteer to Support Prospect Park

Want to help maintain Prospect Park in Brooklyn?


Join us and the Prospect Park Alliance to help care for its trail systems. Volunteers will support areas around the Peristyle by cleaning up litter and helping with tree bed care. Volunteers may also assist with other tasks, such as mulching, path edging, and more! As the weather improves, this is a great opportunity to spend a day in the sun, make new friends and help the local community.


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One To World Hike: Giant Stairs in Palisades Interstate Park

Looking for an adventure along the Hudson River? This is your chance to get fresh air and go on a cool hike!


We’ll take the Path train to Hoboken, and from there drive to Palisades Interstate Park that’s on the boundary of New York and New Jersey. There’s rock scrambling along a ridge called the “Great Stairs” that’s challenging to traverse. If you’re an inexperienced hiker, then please take that into consideration before signing up. Afterwards, we’ll stop in a nearby NJ town for some food as a group.


Ticket does not include lunch or train fare. We encourage you to bring lunch and eat during a break. Happy trails!


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