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Global Classroom connects youth with trained, international university scholars to learn about world cultures and global issues.

One To World is always looking to connect international students with American hosts to foster cross-cultural exchange.

Exclusive student pricing you can’t find anywhere else! Use the code ‘GLOBAL’ for a special student discount on flights around the world.

We organize a variety of programs—walking tours, concerts, career workshops, receptions, and other social activities for international students, local communities, and Fulbright scholars.

Snapshot of One To World​

Advancing international understanding in the Fulbright tradition

Adjusting to the U.S.

80% of One To World constituents said that our programs have helped them adjust to life in the United States.

High ratings

88% of One To World students rate our programs a 5 out of 5.

Global Classroom

90% of participants said that Global Classroom has made them want to learn more about other cultures.

40+ member institutions

We serve over 40 member institutions who are involved in international educational exchange.

"One To World is the best platform for the international students who are living in New York and the adjoining area. The events are very well organized, interactive, and very exciting. A person never feels alone. The interaction with other students brings you closer to many countries, cultures and languages. One To World activities enable you to foster everlasting friendships, and this is the most meaningful experience!"
Student from Pakistan at Stevens Institute of Technology

I want to invest in a more understanding, peaceful, and inclusive global community. Your gift to One To World can help young people become global citizens, future leaders, and ambassadors for intercultural exchange & global cooperation.

I can't stop thinking about one reader's eloquent comment about the strains the pandemic has put on international educators. I want to write more about this — readers, how are you and your colleagues dealing with the mental-health challenges of Covid-19?

We hope everyone's spring semester is off to a great start! We are looking forward to meeting this year's newly arrived international students at our member college's orientations, including @BaruchCollege, @CenterIntl & @Hunter_College.

Virtual learning, in-country recruiters, belt-tightening, more flexible partnerships — these are a few of the trends readers are anticipating in for international ed in 2022. Read more in this week's newsletter, including three big questions I'll be asking

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