One To World at the 63rd Annual U.S. Naval Academy’s Annual Foreign Affairs Conference
One To World's collaboration with the U.S. Naval Academy's annual Foreign Affairs Conference (NAFAC) brings together students from universities worldwide to discuss current global affairs. Yuriy Bistro, a student from Ukraine said, “It opened a new vision for me in collaborating with academic peers. It helped me understand what people from different countries think. Most importantly, we became friends in such a short time that it hurt to part.” As a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering cross-cultural understanding and exchange, One To World's delegation plays a special role at NAFAC by adding a critical international perspective to the student deliberations on U.S. foreign policy.
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The International Student Guide to U.S. Taxes
Moving to a new country is hard enough. You have to find housing, you have to find your favorite bagel shop, you have to figure out the subway system, and worst of all you have to figure out how to do your taxes. Being an international student, you could be in one of these two situations: you don’t have a job in the United States, or you do. If you have income you definitely need to file taxes. Now you’d think that if you didn’t have a job, you’d be safe from filing taxes and you can delay the "adulting" a little bit and just explore the sights, smells, and eats of New York City. However, you do have to file those taxes, no matter your state of employment.
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Humans of One To World: Finding Your Way in NYC
We’ve all heard the famous line about New York, ‘concrete jungle where dreams are made of’, and a lot of people come to this city to make this saying their reality. We all hope that New York will be the place where we can grow, we can shine, and we can achieve our life’s dreams. But no one really tells you how to do it. We show up in the city, and find a place in Manhattan, or Brooklyn, or Queens. But now that you’re here, what do you do? How do you even begin this journey of finding your place, finding your people, and most importantly, finding your dreams and a way to pursue them?
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Black History Month Reflections: Nigeria to America
Immigrating from my home country of Nigeria to America, “the land of the Free”, has been a life-changing experience. The tears, hugs, and sacrifices that were made the day my Parents decided to explore a different path and selflessly offer us the best gift we could ever ask for: the opportunity to make our choices. While the relocation to America was filled with emotions of excitement, it was also accompanied by countless thoughts and questions. Like how would I fit in at school? What’s the food like? Are they going to be kind? And more.
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"One To World is the best platform for the international students who are living in New York and the adjoining area. The events are very well organized, interactive, and very exciting. A person never feels alone. The interaction with other students brings you closer to many countries, cultures and languages. One To World activities enable you to foster everlasting friendships, and this is the most meaningful experience!"
Zaeem Aslam
Student from Pakistan at Stevens Institute of Technology