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One To World is always looking to connect international students with American hosts and organizations to foster cross-cultural exchange.

One To World serves as the official coordinator of enrichment and cultural programs for visiting Fulbright grantees in the greater New York  area.

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Snapshot of One To World​

Advancing international understanding in the Fulbright tradition

Adjusting to the U.S.

80% of One To World constituents said that our programs have helped them adjust to life in the United States.

High ratings

88% of One To World students rate our programs a 5 out of 5.

Global Classroom

90% of participants said that Global Classroom has made them want to learn more about other cultures.

40+ member institutions

We serve over 40 member institutions who are involved in international educational exchange.

"One To World is the best platform for the international students who are living in New York and the adjoining area. The events are very well organized, interactive, and very exciting. A person never feels alone. The interaction with other students brings you closer to many countries, cultures and languages. One To World activities enable you to foster everlasting friendships, and this is the most meaningful experience!"
Student from Pakistan at Stevens Institute of Technology

I want to invest in a more understanding, peaceful, and inclusive global community. Your gift to One To World can help young people become global citizens, future leaders, and ambassadors for intercultural exchange & global cooperation.

Thank you, Clarke Murphy, Board & CEO Leadership Advisor of @RRAonLeadership, for meeting with OTW's #Fulbright students and sharing your leadership advice and empowering this talented international cohort of global leaders. (1/2)

It’s simple math: We need immigration reform now

Revisited this @chronicle piece I wrote in 2005 when 75 colleges had gone over $40k mark all in wondering how much higher it could go. Focused on Bates which is now 2X that 17 years later.

We had so many incredible hosts open their homes to over 50 #Fulbright scholars and #internationalstudents for Thanksgiving in CT, NJ, and across NY! It was a memorable day filled with good food and even better company! (1/2)

#Dreamers and #DACA students are a vital part of our communities. Congress should take action to #ProtectDreamers and ensure they can achieve their aspirations and thrive in the U.S. #HomeIsHere @PressImmAlliance

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