One To World Walk: Hike in Hudson Highlands

Take a break from the city and enjoy an outside adventure with your fellow international students! We are heading to the Hudson Highlands with Robert Snyder, longtime friend of OTW and Professor of American Studies and Journalism at Rutgers University, for a day out in nature. You will get the chance to experience more of what New York State has to offer, while connecting with each other and our host.


We will travel by train to Garrison, New York (about a 90-minute trip from New York City), where we will hike up Sugarloaf Mountain and overlook the beautiful Hudson Valley. The walk will be in a wooded area and steep, so please wear suitable outdoor shoes, long pants, and bring lots of water. Ticket cost includes round-trip train and guided hike with Rob. This is an exciting opportunity to meet new friends against the backdrop of stunning nature views!

This will be a small group and tickets are available at a first come first serve basis, so register now before we reach capacity!


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One To World Meet-Up: Trivia Tuesday at The Raven Pub


Love friendly competition among peers? Pub trivia is a great way to enjoy a night out, test your knowledge, and meet new friends in the process.


We are heading to The Raven Pub for their weekly Trivia Tuesdays! Join us and compete against fellow international students and local players in multiple rounds of fun trivia questions. The trivia questions cover diverse subjects so there is equal opportunity to take home first place! This is a great way to enjoy an evening out in a new place, meet some locals of the community, and and make some new friends.


First drink is on us!


You do not need to be 21 to attend this event!


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Please note that all program fees are nonrefundable

Unlock Your Career Potential: Essential Visa, Tax, and Job Finding Strategies

Jumping into the workforce after university is a daunting experience for anybody, but that process in a foreign country adds additional challenges. Join us for an informative career workshop where you will get the chance to learn from experts important steps for furthering your professional goals in the United States!


Topics for this event include a panel discussion about visa prospects, job hunting in the United States, and tax compliance as a non-US citizen, followed by Q&A and networking.


One To World is happy to partner with Sprintax for this career workshop. At Sprintax, they support nonresident employees and students with their US tax obligations. Sprintax offers the only online self-preparation tax software for nonresidents in the US and guarantee peace of mind for every user.


You will also be hearing from three guest speakers:

  • Vivi W. Hua who received her Doctor of Psychology degree from Yeshiva University and completed an internship at Gouverneur Health. Vivi coach's international students to help them succeed in the U.S. Her coaching work with international students focuses on the academic, social, career, and personal aspects of their life in the U.S.
  • Helen Leonard, is an Associate Director at NYU Office of Global Services in Brooklyn. Helen is a seasoned international educator with over 25 years of international student advising experience and expertise in F1 and J1 student advising.
  • Michael J. Goldstein is a partner at Goldstein and Cheung LLP. Admitted to the New York state bar in 2010, Mr. Goldstein practices general immigration law, with a focus on EB1, EB2, academic institutions, extraordinary and professional nonimmigrant, and family and business immigrant petitions.

There will be light refreshments and opportunities to network with the speakers and other students in attendance.

Cultural Cuisine @ Ramen Takumi

Join us for a very special Cultural Cuisine, a program where a large group of international students dine together at a local NYC restaurant specializing in an authentic style of food! The pick for April is Ramen Takumi, a mouth-watering Japanese eatery specializing in noodle dishes. Each student will have the opportunity to enjoy their own bowl of ramen as well as share some crunchy appetizers, such as the the vegetable tempura and karaage.


The food is going to be delicious, but this program is all about immersing yourself in another culture! With anime artwork sprawled across the walls, a beautiful wood-paneled interior and its friendly staff, it will feel like you are taking a brief journey to Tokyo. Embrace the presence of your fellow international students, make new friends and engage in some interesting conversations. This Sunday evening will be an unforgettable one!


Have a look at the menu below and please select which bowl of Ramen you would like for your main course.


Shared Appetizers

Edamame - Steamed green soybeans with a pinch of sea salt

Vegetable Tempura - fried vegetables

Karaage - Japanese style deep fried boneless chicken & takumi mayo sauce

Gyoza - Japanese style fried dumplings


Ramen (Choose 1)


Chicken Broth


  1. Shio - Natural salt flavored chicken broth with two slices of pork, salt favored egg, seaweed, scallion, and noodles
  2. Shoyu - Soy sauce flavored broth with 2 sides of pork, soy sauce flavored egg, scallion, onion and noodle
  3. Miso - Soy bean paste flavored broth with 2 slices of pork, scallion, bamboo shoots, bean sprouts, corn and noodles. Avoid dairy allergy
  4. Ninniku - Soy sauce flavored broth with 4 slices of pork, white cabbages, bean sprouts, bonito powder, garlic and noodle. Made with chicken broth
  5. Tan-Tan Men - Spicy soybean paste flavored broth with chashu, salt flavored egg, scallion, broccoli, bamboo shoots and noodle
  6. Curry - Curry flavored broth with sell flavored egg, scallion, broccoli, bamboo shoots, ginger pickles and noodle
  7. Nagasaki Jjampong - Pork broth, squid, clam, shrimp, salt flavored egg, naruto, bean sprout, scallion and lemon
  8. Karai Miso - spicy miso broth, 2 slices chashu, ground pork, salt marinated egg, corn, scallion, bean sprout, menma and cabbage


Tonkotsu Ramen (Pork Broth)

  1. Shoyu Tonkotsu - Soy sauce flavored broth with 2 slices of pork, soy sauce flavored egg, scallion, bean sprouts, fish cake, onion and noodle
  2. Miso Tonkotsu - Soy bean paste flavored broth with 2 slices of pork, salt flavored egg, scallion, bean sprouts, cabbage, corn and noodle. Avoid dairy allergy
  3. Shio Tonkotsu - Salt based flavor with tonkotsu broth, shio tama, Naruto, scallion, chashu, bean sprout, menma and nori


Tsukemen (cold noodles with hot dipping soup, pork, bamboo shoots , seaweed and scallion)

  1. Shio Tsukemen - Plain cold noodles with natural salt flavored soup
  2. Shoyu Tsukemen - Plain cold noodle with soy sauce flavored soup
  3. Miso Tsukemen - Syoyu noodle with soy bean paste flavored dipping soup
  4. Tan-Tan Tsukemen - Plain cold noodle with spicy soybean paste flavored dipping soup



  1. Vegetable Miso - Soybean paste favored broth with scallion, bamboo shoots, bean sprouts, broccoli, corn and noodles
  2. Vegetable Tan-Tan - Spicy soybean flavored broth with scallion, bamboo shoots, bean sprouts, broccoli, corn and noodles
  3. Vegetable Shio
  4. Vegetable Shoyu


Spring Potluck Celebration

Do you want to try delicious food and meet people from all around the world? In celebration of international education, join us for a potluck at The New School in Manhattan to kick-off spring the right & social way. Volunteers will be contributing dishes from their native countries and sharing stories about why they chose a particular dish and who they learned their secret recipe from. This exchange of cultures through food will be an amazing opportunity to make new friends and celebrate the season together.


All you need to do is come with a smile, an open mind and an empty stomach! The rest will be history. Maybe you will even leave feeling inspired to cook some of the international dishes you tried!

Visit to Long Island City: Lunch & Private Tour of Volume Industries

Have you ever seen the beautiful Manhattan skyline from Gantry Park? Would you like to try pizza from a popular neighborhood spot? Are you interested in a behind-the-scenes tour of a commercial print shop?


On April 20th, One To World is bringing a group of international students to Long Island City, Queens. We will go for a walk through Gantry Plaza State Park that has breathtaking views of lower Manhattan. Then we will enjoy a family-style lunch with a variety of wood fired brick oven pizzas from a popular neighborhood Italian restaurant called Manetta's.


After lunch, we will make our way to Volume Industries, a local commercial print shop with design, fabrication, millwork, installation and digital imaging capabilities. I encourage you to check out their interactive website for a more-detailed list of the types of work they do. This is a great opportunity to talk to local engineering & entrepreneurial professionals and see how they operate in a fast-paced production facility.

9/11 Memorial & Museum: Private Tour

Join us for a day at the National September 11 Memorial & Museum! This memorial and museum commemorates the September 11 attacks of 2001, which killed 2,977 people, and the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, which killed six. The memorial is located at the World Trade Center site, the former location of the Twin Towers that were destroyed during the attacks.


It is operated by a nonprofit institution whose mission is to remember and honor the victims of these attacks and all those who risked their lives to save others. While its a somber subject, this is a great opportunity to learn about the resiliency of the NYC community and how this moment shaped the modern history of your adopted home, while paying homage to the victims and their families.


Led by a tour guide, you will hear an introduction about the Memorial Plaza and participate in a private tour of the Museum on the inside. A ticket for this program normally would cost $80, but you have the exclusive opportunity to join us on this group visit for the low price of $30! After the tour, you will be free to self-guide and explore other exhibitions.

Community Service: Volunteer to Cleanup Fort Tryon Park

Want to help clean up a park? As the weather improves, this is a great opportunity to spend a day in the sun, make new friends and help the local community. Join other international students and New Yorkers at Fort Tryon Park in improving the park's ecology. It is incredibly important to keep New York City's nature healthy and beautiful.


We'll be doing some light gardening activities, including removing debris and invasive plant species, weeding, mulching and planting. Gardening tools and gloves will be provided. Just wear sturdy shoes, long pants and clothes you are comfortable getting dirty. Don't forget to bring water!


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All-Day Leadership Workshop Featuring Fortune 100 Executive Coach

Global leaders today face new challenges due to the speed of technological, social, and economic change. These constant changes require new skills, perspectives, and mindsets.  In this full-day workshop led by Fortune 100 executive coach Linda A. Smith, you will learn cutting edge thinking on top leadership practices on emotional intelligence, communication, influence, teambuilding, developing a circle of advisors, mindfulness, and compassion. You will have access to coaching tips normally reserved for top global executives and CEOs.


This workshop will be highly interactive and will include lectures on the topics above, reflection, self-assessment, video vignettes and discussions in large group, small group, and pairs.  You will be able to meet, learn from and network with dynamic students from around the world.


This workshop includes: 

  • Light Breakfast
  • Interactive Lectures on Emotional Intelligence
  • Lunch
  • Exclusive Networking Opportunities
  • Certificate of Completion



Linda A. Smith is a highly skilled global management consultant with 20+ years of experience working with executives of Fortune 100 companies. She advises executives in leadership effectiveness, high performance team development, culture, change, influencing, change management, and interpersonal savvy.

Early bird discount ends on February 27th!