One To World Walk: Trip and Hike to Garrison, New York

Escape the city and experience some incredible Hudson River views in Garrison, New York!


We are once again heading to the Hudson Highlands to hike up Sugarloaf Mountain, this time in partnership with New York University! We will begin our day walking along the Hudson River and making our way up a moderately to slightly challenging (depending on experience) trek to the summit of Sugarloaf Mountain. The walk will be in a wooded area and steep, so please wear suitable outdoor shoes, long pants, and bring lots of water.


Afterwards, we will explore the town of Garrison and all that is has to offer! From quaint antique shops, cafes, and a lovely waterfront, it will be the perfect chance to see it all before heading back to the train station.


Ticket will not include lunch or your train ticket. We encourage you to bring lunch with you and we will enjoy it on the top of the mountain!


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Campus to Career: Virtual Mock Interviews and Career Advice with Paramount

When it comes to interviewing for a job or an internship, you can never have enough practice! That is why doing mock interviews can help prepare you for the questions you are likely to encounter during an interview. To do this we encourage you to join professionals from Paramount for mock interviews to practice your interviewing skills and gain invaluable prep for the job market! Paramount delivers premium content to audiences across platforms worldwide. They connect with billions of people—through their studios, networks, streaming services, live events, merchandise, and more.


At this event with Paramount, you will get one on one interviews with working professionals who will give expert advice that will help you in the job market and for your applications. Join us to practice your interviewing skills, connect with professionals, and get your applications on the right track!


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Day at the Beach: Rockaway Beach, NY

Ready for a day at the beach? This summer we are heading to Rockaway Beach in Queens, New York!


Also known as, 'Irish Riviera' due to its large Irish American population, Rockaway provides the perfect beach escape! Along the boardwalk you will find a variety of great shops, from vintage apparel to surfing gear, as well as many affordable food trucks. Explore all that Rockaway Beach has to offer while getting a chance to relax in the summer sun.


Don't miss the chance to escape the city heat, go for a swim in the Atlantic Ocean, and experience a typical seaside boardwalk!

Ticket cost includes roundtrip ferry ride from Manhattan. In case of rain, the beach day will be rescheduled to the following Friday, August 4th.

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Memorial Day Cultural Cuisine @ Ferdi’s

Spend Memorial Day dinner with us at Ferdi's! Our Cultural Cuisine series is a perfect chance to make new friends and enjoy foods from around the world and this will be our last dinner of the 22-23 academic year!


Ferdi is an authentic Italian restaurant, and we have negotiated a delicious menu with for a selection of typical Italian dishes. We will start with tasty appetizers to share, followed by a main course of your choice from those listed below, and then finishing off with a dessert!


According to CNN, Italian is listed as the #1 best cuisine in the world, and this event will give you a small taste of it! Our Enrichment Programs Global Fellow, who will be leading the group, is a fellow Italian and can confirm the authenticity of Ferdi's products, whose history began three generations ago in Ponza, an Italian island. You don't want to miss this opportunity!


Have a look at the menu below and please select which dish you would like for your main course.


Shared Appetizers


  1. Mozzarella Caprese - Homemade mozzarella, tomato, extra virgin olive oil and balsamic dressing
  2. Arancini - Oven-baked risotto rice balls stuffed with mozzarella cheese, served with tomato sauce
  3. Caesar Salad - Crisp romaine, homemade Caesar dressing, croutons and shaved parmigiano cheese


Entrée (Choose 1)


  1. Penne alla Russa - Penne pasta with vodka sauce
  2. Spaghetti with Meatballs - served in Ferdi's signature tomato sauce
  3. Chicken Parmigiana served with spaghetti pasta - Crispy fried chicken breast that is baked in a tomato sauce then topped with melted mozzarella, parmesan, or provolone cheese




  1. Assorted Italian Biscotti

One soft drink is included!

One soft drink is included for everyone!

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Campus to Career: Virtual Public Speaking Workshop

Public Speaking is considered one of the biggest fears that people have. This virtual workshop is designed to help you speak effortlessly. Through interactive games and activities, attendees will gain valuable practice in public speaking skills.


Aman is a public speaking coach at Ultraspeaking. He helps clients from all walks of life combat speaking challenges in their personal and professional lives. This workshop will cater to individuals who use English as a second language and struggle to converse in English. You can expect to gain effective delivery, spontaneity and an improved ability of storytelling. In addition, you will learn to improve your delivery skills for presentations and networking events.


This workshop is designed for you to leave as a more expressive and authentic speaker, but mostly to make speaking fun!


"Public speaking is a top skill you have to know nowadays. The program was way above my expectations. Great!" 


-International Student from Spain