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One To World Walk: Mid-Century Modern Along 53rd Street

Manhattan NY

It's almost impossible to walk through midtown Manhattan without straining your neck looking up at the tall buildings. The beautiful skyscrapers and unique designs are part of what gives New York its unique character. Think zoning!   Join us on our third architecture tour of the semester to learn more about modern midtown's stunning design […]

Community Visit: Discover New York

Manhattan NY

Experience a day in the life of an NYC local! For this day-long event, you'll be paired with a New York resident, and together you'll explore their favorite things to do in the city. In the past, our hosts have taken students to visit their home, shared lunch at a restaurant in their neighborhood, walked […]

One To World Walk: Architecture Tour of the Upper East Side

Manhattan NY

The Upper East Side neighborhood has gained much of its international fame from movies and TV shows like Gossip Girl and Sex & the City. It's also home to glamorous landmarks such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, 998 Fifth Ave, Park Avenue, and the Cherokee Apartments that we will be exploring on our walk. […]

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