Advancing international understanding
in the Fulbright tradition
Advancing international understanding in the Fulbright tradition
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"One To World offers stellar support to the international education community in the greater New York area, and is essential for every college and university with an international student population."


David B. Austell, Ph.D., Associate Provost and Director, International Students and Scholars Office, Columbia University 


Organizational Membership

Organizational membership is designed for organizations that host international students, scholars or interns (colleges and universities, English language institutes, student or work exchange programs, and other agencies).

The membership benefits include:
  • Monthly meetings for international education professionals, featuring an immigration roundtable (facilitated by Goldstein and Cheung LLP) and regulations discussion (facilitated by Helen Leonard, New York University, and Regina Degnan, Columbia University) followed by presentations on topics on best practices in the field of international education. Meetings are held September - June.
  • Priority announcements of innovative enrichment programs designed to introduce your international students and scholars to American culture and New York City life.
    • Career programs and workshops for international students
    • Community visits and homestay programs in NY, NJ, CT, and PA
    • Cultural and social activities
    • Volunteer programs
    • Global Classroom program in NYC public schools
    • Student Conferences on United States Affairs at USMA, West Point and USNA, Annapolis
  • Monthly e-newsletter for international educators on upcoming events for educators, students, and scholars; current topics in international education, job openings, and professional resources.
  • Listings of student participation in One To World events which you can include in your office’s internal and external reports.
  • Discount on Intercultural Competence Workshops for faculty, staff and students at your institution.
  • Discount on purchase of bulk copies of One To World’s ebook, The International Student's Survival Guide: New York Metro Area.
  • On-site interactive orientation sessions presented by One To World staff to your international students and scholars.
  • Annual Membership Directory of over 250 international educators in the New York/New Jersey area.
  • Official link to your institution's website from One To World’s Membership List.

Yearly organizational membership costs are determined by a tiered system based on the organization's international student enrollment:

  • International student enrollment→ FY 20-21 Yearly Fee
  • 100 or fewer→  $850.00
  • 101-200 →  $1000.00
  • 201-500 →  $1250.00
  • 501-999 →  $1500.00
  • 1,000-2,500 →  $2000.00
  • 2,501-10,000→  $2500.00
  • 10,000+→  $5000.00

To become a member, click HERE for the Organizational Membership application. If you are at an institution based outside of the New York Metro Area and are interested in a virtual membership or if you have general questions about membership, please contact Marisa Silva, Director of Membership & Programs, or call (212) 431-1195.

Individual Membership

Individual Membership is designed for individuals involved in international educational exchange but not in direct contact with international students, scholars, or interns. Individual membership costs $400.00 per year.

Individual membership includes these non-transferable benefits:

To become a member, please click HERE for the Individual Membership application. If you have questions about membership, please contact Marisa Silva, Director of Membership & Programs, or call (212) 431-1195.


  • Four international educators from higher education attending a workshop of cultural competence
  • Two higher ed professionals enjoying an  intercultural competence workshop
  • Sox higher education professionals enjoying the Fulbright Awards Dinner Gala and Fundraiser
  • International Education Day at the United Nations
  • Three educators and international education supporters at the Fulbright Awards Dinenr
  • Three Fulbright international students drinking wine at the Fulbright Awards Dinner