Advancing international understanding
in the Fulbright tradition
Advancing international understanding in the Fulbright tradition
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Connect with Fulbright Grantees & International Students

"I loved to see the connection and interaction with the students with my teens and younger children. The interaction was different, but still very meaningful. I like that we can open our home to people of other cultures and let them see a different side of America."

- Thanksgiving host


Each year through One To World, hundreds of New York area residents volunteer to open their homes, hearts, and workplaces to Fulbright grantees and international students for a meal, a weekend visit, or a holiday celebration.

We have a variety of programs to connect international students with American hosts. If you are interested in becoming a host, please contact Marisa Silva, Director of Membership & Programs, or call (212) 431-1195.

Dinner Diplomats

Invite a small group of international students or Fulbright grantees to share a meal and an exchange of ideas in your home. These gatherings can be organized throughout the year to accommodate your schedule.

Discover New York

Each fall we pair newly-arrived international students and visiting Fulbright grantees with local residents for a day and ask that the host take the students to some of their favorite places around New York City (or beyond). 

Job Shadowing

Offer international students a unique opportunity to spend time in an American workplace, getting a sense of the environment and networking with a professional in their field of interest. Our team works with you to come up with an agenda that makes sense for your professional environment.

Holiday Home Hospitality

Invite international students and visiting Fulbright grantees to share in your holiday celebrations. Thanksgiving is the most popular but we also organize these visits for Christmas, Hannukah, Easter, and many more.

Coordinate a Community Visit

One To World's popular Community Visits bring groups of international students into urban, rural or suburban communities for one-day or overnight visits with local families. Each Community Visit is made possible through the leadership of a local volunteer who recruits host families and works with One To World to arrange details of the visit.